dating someone with HIV

Top 5 Ways to Live Happily Ever After if you Have HIV

Nowadays, dating someone with HIV is not a big deal anymore. In the past, realizing you have the illness meant a fatal outcome in the near future. But modern medicine has offered several ways poz people can keep the virus locked down and dormant, which means they too can live a happy and fulfilling life. If you’ve been diagnosed with HIV and feel down in the dumps, here are the 5 best steps you can take to have a life worth living.

Stay Positive

Since your immune system is already being weakened by the virus, it’s easy to fall into a panic or depression worrying about what the future holds. However, it would be best to stay focused on treating yourself mentally and physically, because lack of motivation can enable you to spiral down a very dark hole.

Eat Healthily

Since HIV affects T cells in your body, it also has a negative influence on the same cells found in your stomach. This can lead to problems in the GI tract and diarrhea when taking HIV medication. To prevent stomach problems, poz individuals are advised to take probiotics and eat a lot of fiber-rich foods to regulate their digestion.

Move your Body

Exercise can actually help increase the number of T cells in your body, so it is especially important for people infected with HIV. Aim for at least 30 minutes of light physical activity per day. This can be going to the gym, riding your bike or even just taking a relaxing walk. The happiness hormones that are produced during exercise also help you stay positive and focused.

Find your Inner Faith

Even if you are not a ‘going-to-church’ kind of person, it can still be beneficial to find some type of spirituality in your daily life. It will help you clear your mind and find hope when you feel lost and half-hearted.

Surround yourself with Friends

The best support you can get is from your friends and family. So, don’t lock yourself up in your room and alienate yourself from the world. Instead, go out and make friends, have a good time and forget about your problems. Real friends will be there for you no matter what and guide you through this tough period. Just remember: You’re not alone!

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