Drag Queen Questions Answered

Top 5 Drag Queen Questions Answered

If you are interested in learning more about the drag queen culture, you’ve come to the right place. Have you ever wondered about their lifestyle, their sexual orientation or even if you can become one? Keep reading.

There are people who are curious about what is a drag queen, and there are women who are searching for answers about their crossdressing husband. There are many crossdressing questions and answers online. We picked out some of the most common questions and decided to answer them. So here we go.

Are all drag queens gay?

Being a drag queen does not in any way reflect on either their sexual orientation or gender identity. Probably most of the drag queens are gay men, but certainly not all of them. Anyone of any gender or sexual orientation can be a drag queen. Wanting to do drag doesn’t make anyone gay. Being gay makes them gay, it’s simple as that.

I like going to drag queen shows. Am I gay?

Many straight people visit drag queen shows, and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, queens love having straight people in the crowd. Yes, they probably make fun of them, in a nice and fun way (without offending them). They even make them play What Should the Straight Man Touch sometimes. If you are a guy who is visiting a drag queen show for the first time, act like a gentleman. You don’t have to butch yourself up so you can prove to others that you are not gay, neither you have to make yourself seem gay to be accepted. Just be who you are, go for a couple of drinks and you will have a lot of fun.

Why do people go to drag shows

Because it’s really fun! They clap, they drink and most of all, they enjoy themselves. Most drag performance come in the form of dancing while lip syncing but there are other forms of drag queen shows. There are drag comedians and drag fire twirlers and drag singer-songwriters and drag erotic dancers… You get the picture. If you don’t know what happens on a drag queen show and you are eager to find out, just go to one.

How do drag queens earn money

No, being a drag queen isn’t what they do all day every day. Most of them have day jobs. Only very small part of drag queens make money by dressing up in drag. For most of them it is an expensive and time-consuming hobby or side gig.

Can anyone be a drag queen?

Of course they can. If you want to become a drag queen nothing can stop you. Don’t worry about your body shape, your beard or that you cannot dance. If that is what you want to do just follow your dream. Anyone can be a drag queen.

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