dating a climber

Top 3 Ways to Get Over a Climber

Dating a climber may be exciting but getting over one is anything but. It takes a long time to forget someone larger than life, living life on his own terms, and being not a breath but a cyclone of fresh air in your life. With that in mind, we offer our top 3 tips to try to forget him as fast as possible.

#1: Exercise As Much As You Can

Working out might remind you of your outdoorsy ex at first, but rest assured it can help you in the long run. It will increase your overall self-confidence and give you the necessary boost of energy to move on. You’ll be physically healthier, which will, in turn, take a load off your mind and give you the much needed high from the happy hormones released during exercise. Take the time to go for long walks in the evening, do yoga or join the gym. If there is a sport you like to play, such as tennis or squash, these are both great activities to maintain good health and get all the accumulated stress out of your body.

#2: Get Out of the House

It’s a well-known fact that most women simply can’t get out of bed when going through a breakup. Fighting this urge to vegetate helps improve your well-being, but this is often easier said than done. Get a friend to come over to your place so you literally have to get up to open the door and give her a glass of juice. Tell her to make you go to the grocery store or to make you take a walk around the block with her. Obey her orders because she wants what’s best for you, and being stuck inside your apartment for weeks is not it. Offer to walk your neighbor’s dog so you have a reason to leave your place. Whatever you do, stay away from places where you could run into your climber ex, but other than that try to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air.

#3: Stay Away From People Who Don’t Understand You

Not everyone understands the matters of the heart very well. It’s tricky business trying to cheer up someone who’d rather curl up and die. A lot of your friends, family, and co-workers don’t even know how to act in front of someone who’s hurting, which in and of itself can make you feel worse about the whole situation. It’s perfectly understandable if there are only one or two people who can really relate to what you’re going through and who can lift up your spirits even by an inch. Whatever you do, try to avoid anyone who’s toxic, depressing or simply doesn’t care enough to even try and understand. Stick to your closest friends until the storm passes.

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