Top 3 Questions about Dating a Disabled Girl – Answered

For some reason, society thinks that disabled people are asexual. However, this has nothing to do with reality. In fact, there are a lot of free disabled dating sites that are crowded with handicapped singles looking for love. If you have just started going out with a girl who uses a wheelchair, you probably have a lot of questions about the dating process. Well, here are some answers you might find useful.

Should I offer to push her wheelchair?

If you see that she is moving around without any problems, don’t say anything. However, if you are someplace where there is grass or sand and you see she is struggling, be a gentleman and offer her a helping hand. By allowing you to push her around, she is letting you know she trusts you, so be considerate of how you drive the wheelchair. Keep in mind that you are not able to see where her feet are or what is in front of her, so don’t treat her chair like a race car. You can accidentally go over a bump and she will fall out of the chair and maybe even hurt herself. That isn’t the most romantic scenario, is it? Also, when you are done pushing her, don’t let go of the handles without letting her know.

What is the one thing I should never say to her?

Please, please, please don’t ask your date whether she can have sex.  Believe it or not, this is one of the most common questions girls get on dating sites. First of all, just because someone is in a wheelchair doesn’t mean that their intimate parts are not working properly. Second of all, it is none of your business, at least for now. When you start going out and get to know each other really well, then you can start discussing this subject. Talking about it on the first date is a huge no-no.

How will her disability affect our relationship?

Well, if you are an open-minded person, and you and your partner keep the communication channels open, dating a disabled girl shouldn’t be any different than dating an able-bodied person. Okay, you might need to do some things differently than other couples, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do them at all. After all, you are dating a person, not a wheelchair.

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