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Top 3 Mistakes Every Widower Makes

Dealing with a loss of his wife is one of the hardest things a man can go through. If you see other widowers dating and you don’t feel quite ready for it, that is perfectly fine. Remember, everyone grieves in their own way. For some widowers, this process is long and painful, while others get back on their feet much sooner. Take all the time that you need and try to avoid making these common mistakes.

Not letting your friends be there for you

Many widowers shut their friends out. They don’t respond to their messages, don’t return their calls and don’t take any visitors. We understand that talking about your loss can make you feel vulnerable. Nevertheless, you should consider opening up to them. Talking with your loved ones about your late wife can help you heal much faster. Keep in mind that you are only human and it is okay to feel sad and overwhelmed. Reconnecting with your loved ones might be just what you need to get back on the track, so give it a try.

Keeping it together, always

Dealing with the loss of your partner is devastating and you are allowed to be broken. Pretending that you are perfectly fine and trying to move on with your life like nothing has happened can only backfire. Give yourself time to grieve and remember that it is okay to fall apart from time to time. Your loved ones will be there to pick up the pieces and help you pull yourself together. Surely, this experience will change you. However, you can choose if it’s gonna be for better or for worse.  It may sound harsh, but you can learn something from it. It might give you a new perspective on life and remind you to stop and smell the roses.

Drinking your sorrows away

Keeping a bottle of vodka on your nightstand is not the way to go. Yes, alcohol can help you numb your pain, but it is only a temporary solution which can only delay the healing process. Masking your pain with alcohol or drugs is a slippery slope and nothing good can come out of it. So call your friends or go on a vacation. Visiting your dream destination can make you focus on positive and inspiring things.

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