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Think Outside The Box: 4 Gift Ideas Your Cougar Will Love

Gifts are an inevitable part of dating. Whether you decide to give your girl something small that will put a smile on her face or something unbelievable that will knock her off her feet, going that extra mile is important if you want to keep romance in the air. However, if you have met your woman via one of those cougar finder apps, shopping for a proper gift can be a nightmare. After all, cougars have a sophisticated taste and won’t be impressed with something that came out of the vending machine. Therefore, if you want to surprise your lady with something she will love, read the list below so that buying gifts will never give you a headache again.


Not only is it a great gift, but it also gives you something to talk about over a couple of glasses of wine or a cup of coffee. Even though cougars want to date younger guys, they still want to be with someone who is mature and smart and a present like this will help you leave that impression.

Something naughty

If you have been seeing your cougar for a while now, getting her lingerie, a sexy book or a sex toy can be a great idea. However, make sure it is something she will really use. For example, if you know that she hates see-through teddies, don’t buy them, no matter how much you want to see her in one of those. It should be a present for her, not for you.

A gift card

Try to get her a gift card that will speak uniquely to her. For example, if she loves listening to music, you can always get her an iTunes gift card, or you can give her a gift card for her favorite spa if she loves massages. By creating an experience around the gift, you will make it even more special.  If you get her an iTunes gift card, plan an evening where you will listen to various albums the whole night, or book a couple’s massage in case you opt for a spa gift card.

Concert or theater tickets

Find out what kind of music or theater she’s into and surprise her with front row tickets. Not only will she love the gift but she’ll also appreciate that you remembered what she likes.

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