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Misconceptions About Cougar Dating Which Need To Stop ASAP

Many young men find women who are sexy, adventurous and have their s**t together very attractive, so it is no wonder that cougar dating is so popular. These ladies are not only confident, independent and mature, but they also prefer the company of younger men.  If you have been roaming the cougar dating sites in search for your experienced queen, you may have stumbled upon some common myths about these women. Here are just some of them.

Cougars prey on an innocent younger man

Oh no, poor guys. OK, let us be real for a second here. Honestly, who hunts whom here? You have some younger guys who love the company of older ladies and they hit on them very often. In some cases a cougar will see a guy she likes and she will approach him, in other it will be vice versa. Cougars aren’t always predators, sometimes they are the victims.

These relationships never last because of her age

First of all, cougars usually pursuit a less traditional relationship. They are just tired of older guys who spend day after day in front of a TV. Cougars are young-spirited women who want an energetic younger guy who will rock their world. These relationships sometimes last, sometimes don’t, but one thing is for sure – it has nothing to do with her age. Cougars are often more active, fun and spontaneous that girls, so there is no need to trade them for a younger model.

He will dump her because he wants kids

OK, this has nothing to do with cougar dating, but dating in general. Sometimes one person wants a child and the other doesn’t, it simply happens. However, sometimes guys don’t want kids at all. Other times they fall in love with a woman so hard they choose her over their need to procreate. You have couples where the guy loves her kids like they were his own. Some younger men seek women who won’t pressure them to get married and have children. A child isn’t always a deal breaker.

Younger guys find girls way sexier

OK, maybe they have less wrinkles, but that doesn’t mean they are sexier. You have many mature women who look younger than some girls. Also, their physical appearance isn’t the only thing that makes them sexy. Cougars have that incredible energy which is very alluring to the younger man. It is not all about the looks.

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