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How to Get a Guy’s Attention

It can be hard to get back out there in the dating scene. You’re rusty, don’t know what guys want, aren’t sure about how to act and what to say. Some women find it difficult to be confident and alluring, instead, they feel awkward and unsure about themselves. Yes, dating can be a challenge. And yes, there are some steps you can take to catch a guy’s attention and date a cowboy. Here’s what you need to know.

Learn to Adore Yourself

One of the most important steps you can take is to learn to love yourself. If you do this, you’ll exude confidence and attract men so much easier. Men like women who know what they want, who they are and what they have to offer. It’s crucial that you accept yourself the way you are, because this is what you’ll expect from your man.

Emphasize What You Like

Think about what aspects of your body you are most comfortable with. Pick a couple and try to emphasize these parts by putting on clothes, makeup and accessories that accentuate them. Don’t overdo the makeup. You’ll want him to like you for who you are and not a mask you put on. Keep it simple and natural. Wear something that represents your personality and makes you feel confident at the same time.

Enjoy Yourself

Wherever you go, try and keep a positive look on your face. Whether it be a queue at the supermarket or a booming nightclub, always keep a smile on your face. Don’t check your phone constantly or look around the room trying to find someone to talk to. You want your potential man to see you on the other side of the room, notice how cute you look and how much fun you’re having. He’ll surely gravitate to your positive energy.

Make Eye Contact

When you spot the guy you’d like to get to know better, look to make eye contact with him. Don’t stare into his eyes for too long, because that can come off pretty weird. Hold his gaze for a couple seconds, just long enough for him to realize you’re interested. Then when he comes up to speak to you, greet him with a nice smile to make him feel comfortable and welcome around you.

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