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Dazzle Your Trans Lady With These Awesome Tips

Guys who are into trans women usually have this same problem: they have no idea how to act on dates. One thing you always have to keep in the corner of your mind is that you are dating a woman. But even though she is trans, she wants what any woman wants, to be treated with respect. When you realize that, your transsexual dating skills will improve. If you still need a little help, we’ve got your back. Here are some top-notch tips which will help you dazzle your date.

Make an effort

If you show up in your sweatshirt and your sneakers, she probably won’t be impressed. Remember that you only have a few seconds to make the first impression and your clothes will help you achieve that goal. Therefore, take a shower, shave, put on your best cologne and nice clothes. She will surely appreciate that you made an effort to impress her.

Take the wheel

You know what women hate on first dates? When a guy shows up and asks them where they should go. It is your job to plan out a date, so do a little research beforehand and buy tickets or make reservations. If you are afraid that she might not like your idea, make several suggestions and let her pick one. This way, you will be the one behind the wheel but she will be the one who chooses where to go.

Unleash your inner Casanova

Even though you are on a date with a trans woman, trans-related questions are, well, out of the question. Don’t ask her about her childhood, trans issues, her transition or anything like that. If she wants to talk about it, she will open up to you. Otherwise, stick to the classics. You know, talking about your mutual interests, families, pets, stuff like that. Ooze confidence and be charming. Although you should lead the conversation, keep in mind that it is not a monologue. Let her talk and ask her to follow up questions.

Be polite

Good manners never go out of style, so open the door for her, listen to her when she talks while maintaining an eye contact. Make sure you’ve put your phone on vibrate so it doesn’t disturb you while you are on your date.

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