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Check Out These 5 Tips If You Are Not Getting Enough Hits On Tinder

If you’re single and ready to mingle, you probably have a profile on one of the cougar, senior or HIV dating sites, as well as a couple of dating apps installed on your phone. And why wouldn’t you? Online dating is the fastest way to meet a bunch of people and find a potential match.

However, if you opened a Tinder account some time ago but are just not getting many right swipes due to reasons unknown, you should probably make some small changes on your profile. According to Tinder, there are 26 million matches every day, and with these several tricks, you can easily become a part of that group.

Don’t skip the bio

We understand that writing your bio can be boring and hard, but you will need to turn into Shakespeare unless you want to get a lot of left swipes. Just kidding, but you really need to write something intriguing and interesting, which will get people’s attention.

What makes you original?

What is it that makes you stand out from the crowd? Do you like making furniture out of old truck tires or maybe exploring new roads by bike? Whatever it is, make sure you include it in your bio. People make the first step way easier if they know what to say, and if you say something interesting about yourself, they will be able to use that information and come up with an ice-breaker. Therefore, give them something to talk about.

Take off your sunglasses

We understand it’s summer and that you love to rock a cute pair of sunglasses, but statistics show that people who cover their eyes with shades are less likely to be right-swiped. Namely, it gives away the impression like you have something to hide (like crazy eyes) so just take a photo without them.

Lose the hat, too

Sunglasses are not the only thing that will lower your chances of finding a date. Wearing a hat in your photo will decrease your chances of getting a right swipe by up to 12 percent. We know it looks stylish and fabulous, but your hat won’t keep you warm at night.

Smile for the camera!

We all love taking those sexy, sultry photos that make us look hot and mysterious, but Tinder statistics show that ‘smiling’ pictures get 14 percent more hits. Therefore, show everyone those pearly whites and you will find your match in no time.

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