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6 Things That Will Make A Widower Dislike You

Dating a widower is different from dating other guys. This means that playing mind games just won’t do the trick. On the other hand, some things that impress other fellows will possibly turn him down. Therefore, before you join the widower dating scene, read these tips and see which of your old moves won’t help you make a good impression.

Taking time to text him back

While most women think this a great strategy if they don’t want to look too eager, a widower will just assume that they are immature and acting childish. Keep in mind that you’re dating a guy who’s been married once, which means that he’s probably mature and wouldn’t like to date someone who is mentally still in high school.

Making him jealous

Because you want to motivate him to try harder, right? However, flirting with other guys will just make him stop trying entirely. He doesn’t want to jump through the hoops so he could win you over, his gallant moves should be enough.

Agreeing with him all the time

You are allowed to have your own opinion, so don’t just nod to everything he says. Moreover, if you can’t decide anything for yourself it won’t make him feel like a big strong man. However, it will surely make you seem either stupid or annoying.

Walking away from an argument

Saying that infamous ‘fine’ or just walking away from an argument can be rather irritating. That ‘come after me’ game just won’t work on him, and if you turn around you will see that no one is chasing you.

Avoiding conflict

Yes, his heart has been broken, but that doesn’t mean you should treat him like he is made of glass.  Feel free to express your opinion if something is bugging you and confront him when you think he is mistreating you.

Appearing uninterested

A widower needs someone who will be there for him, not play hard to get. Instead of being intrigued by your behavior, he will assume you’re not interested and move on. Therefore, feel free to express your feelings and let him know how you feel about him. Feeling safe and comfortable around you will make him fall for you, trying to decipher your mixed signals won’t.

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