Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Girl

6 Things You Shouldn’t Say to a Girl

Guys, women have memory like elephants. Say one wrong thing, and they will use it against you for the rest of your life. They may say they forgive you, but trust us; they will never forget it. If you have used any of the phrases from our list, you probably prayed for a time travel machine that would help you change the past and keep your mouth shut. These simple sentences can cause quite a mess, whether you are dating BBW singles, skinny girls, college students or mature women.

Can I kiss you?

If you are no longer in elementary school, you are not allowed to ask this question. It is a turn-off so big that even if this girl wanted to be kissed, she won’t be in the mood after you’ve dropped this line anymore. Therefore, just go for the kiss and see what happens. If she lets you – great! If she turns her head you should apologize, say you’ve misread the situation, and move on as nothing has happened.

Is this what you are going to wear?

Oh boy, you are so gonna regret this! Not only will your girl be pissed, but you will also spend another two hours waiting for her to get ready if this line comes out of your mouth.

Calm down!

This sentence will have the opposite effect and if your girl was a little bit mad, now she will be furious. Don’t add oil to the fire!

Are you on your period?

Never, ever try to blame her period for her behavior. This drives them crazy! Just give her chocolate and step away before she jams a knife into your throat.

I can’t do anything right

Ladies hate it when guys wallow in a self-pity. They want confident partners who don’t whine like little girls, so if you are down in the dumps, talk to your therapist.

Are you really going to eat that?

Let us explain you something; you have just called your girlfriend fat. Therefore, you better grab that spare blanket and a pillow because chances are you are sleeping on the couch.

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