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6 Things You Must Never Say to a Biker You Are Dating

If you have been visiting dating sites for bikers recently, we guess that you want to be in a relationship with one of these bad boys. Dating a motorcycle lover can be amazing, especially if you are an adventurous woman who loves to travel and explore new places. However, if you want to keep your man and have a blissful relationship, there are some things that should never come out of your mouth.

Why do you have all those bike magazines?

Well, why do you have all those fashion magazines? Are you really going to buy all those fancy dresses?

Why don’t you sell your motorcycle and buy a car?

This sentence is allowed only if you are already married, have kids and you desperately need a family car. Otherwise, don’t you dare to ask him this question. His bike is his baby and he will probably rather sell his kidney on the black market than get rid of his motorcycle.

Stop wasting money on your bike

Wasting and bike are two words that shouldn’t find their place in the same sentence. If he needs to choose between buying you a golden necklace and buying new parts for his motorcycle, rest assured that you will never get that expensive piece of jewelry you want so much.

The car belongs in the garage, not your bike

And he should just leave his pet outside, where it is cold and raining? No way! A biker’s garage is his sacred place where he spends hours working on his motorcycle, tearing it apart and putting it back together. To him, a car is just a vehicle that takes him from point A to point B; a bike is his trusty companion and his best friend.

Do your friends have to come here on their motorcycles?

Maybe you don’t like the tire marks on your sidewalk or maybe you worry what your neighbors will think. In either case, keep your thoughts to yourself, unless you want to start a huge fight.

I threw away your old T-shirts

Let’s make it clear, there is no such thing as an old T-shirt. There are only shirts that he loves and those he loves even more. Therefore, don’t even try to throw them away or turn them into your cleaning cloths.

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