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6 First Date Rules Every Guy on the Planet Needs to Follow

If it has been a while since you went out with the same girl twice, you might want to look at these dating rules because you are clearly doing something wrong. Regardless of whether you are dating HIV singles, cowgirls or BBW, these guidelines will help you make a great first impression and easily dazzle your date.

Be on time

Women hate when guys show up late. Period. Not only does it make a terrible first impression but also shows that you don’t value her time. Therefore, if you want to start off on the right foot, be punctual, or better yet, make sure you appear a few minutes early. This way, you will already be at your meeting point when she arrives, ready to greet her with a smile.

Be polite to service people

You can be charming as hell, say all the right worlds and order meals from the menu in fluent French, but your date will still think that you are obnoxious if you treat waiters like crap. In case you really have the worst waiter on the planet, let your date know what is bothering you instead of making a scene.

Be chatty

How can women tell if men are interested in them? They usually ask them a lot of questions! Therefore, if you don’t ask your date anything and only ramble on about yourself, don’t be surprised if she thinks you are not into her. If you’re not sure what to ask, you can always come up with interesting questions in advance.

Don’t talk about your medical history

Seriously, no one wants to hear about your colonoscopy or how you got your wisdom teeth removed. So, unless you have a funny story about how you broke your arm in the seventh grade, you can save your medical history for later.

Don’t mention your ex

Yes, you are free to mention your ex – if you want to turn off your date in a second! Regardless of whether you think that she is a great girl or a complete bitch, talking about her will just seem like you haven’t moved on.

Don’t drink too much

Maybe you think you are hilarious after five shots of tequila, but trust us; you are not. A drink or two is fine, but make sure you don’t get sloppy or messy.

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