dating a widower

5 Signs You are Dating a Needy Widower

Every woman wants to have a man in her life who will need her. We want someone who will need our support when things get rough or our advice when they don’t know what to do. On the other hand, no woman wants to be with a needy man. You know, the one that needs you to function in life. One of the risks of dating a widower is that you will end up in a relationship with a needy person. That happens when a man who has lost his spouse hasn’t found a way to deal with his grief and is searching for someone else who will pick him up, instead of doing it on his own. Therefore, if you are worried that your partner might be too needy, there are several signs that will prove you right.

He whines about you going out

Whenever you mention going out with friends without him, he turns into an eight-year-old boy who needs his mom. He wants you all for himself, day and night, which seems romantic in theory might but is extremely smothering in real life.

He always needs your approval

If your partner is unable to decide what needs to be decided without consulting you, he might be too needy. It is quite possible that he had a codependent relationship with his late wife and now that she is gone, he doesn’t know how to function on his own.

The world stops when he is feeling blue

He expects you to get off work and just drop everything when he is feeling down. Although you should be your partner’s rock and a shoulder to cry on, you shouldn’t neglect your life and plans just because he has a bad day either.

He sits too close to you all the time

You feel like you have a puppy that is always following you around. If he is always by your side, even when you are taking a shower, you may want to have a conversation with him and set some boundaries.

He calls you all the time

We all love that ‘Goodnight’ and ‘Good morning’ texts that make us feel special. However, if your man is sending you messages every 20 minutes and has the urge to call you 5 times a day, maybe it is time to reevaluate your relationship.

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