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4 Things You Need to Learn if You Want to Date a Trans Woman

Many guys are interested in dating trans ladies but taking a jump into the unknown freaks the hell out of them. If you want to get a transexual date, there are some things you need to know about these women and the way they perceive the world. Read the following and you will see what you can expect if you join the trans dating scene.

She might have trust issues

Most trans women have experienced negative things in their lives. A lot of them have been bullied in the past, so meeting new people, let alone dating, is not easy for them. If you want to be with this girl, you need to prove that you are trustworthy. These ladies are sick and tired of guys who date them simply because they are curious or want to spice up their sex life. Your date is not some toy you can play with and then throw away when you are done with her. She is a human being with emotions, so don’t ask her out until you are 100 percent sure you like her.

Start paying her compliments

If you really want to dazzle your date, you need to pay her compliments. Trans girls have a lot of insecurities so saying something nice to her you will boost her confidence and make her feel good about herself. Also, don’t be afraid to tell her that you like her. Don’t worry; she won’t think that you are needy or desperate. Quite the contrary, she will appreciate your honesty.

Deal with her mood swings

If your potential gf is in the middle of her transition, she is probably taking hormones and those can cause some serious mood swings. Sometimes she will be really happy and other times she will be really emotional, and you will have to learn how to deal with that. Yes, trans ladies can be high-maintenance but if you have found the right person for you, it will be all worth it.

Don’t be obsessed with your looks

Just because you are not that tall or have some extra pounds doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel confident enough to approach a trans woman. These ladies are not looking for perfect abs; they want someone who will treat them with respect and kindness and support them when they have a bad day.

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