3 Types of Chubby Ladies You Should Avoid

Before you join BBW online dating sites, you have to understand that you will meet all sorts of women there. Some of them might be perfect for you and others might be your worst nightmare, you just need to learn how to tell them apart. Don’t worry, those you should steer clear of are usually unable to hide their true nature, so you will see whom you are dealing with from the very start. With that said, here are 3 types of chubby ladies you shouldn’t date.

Miss Argumentative

She will make you feel like you are constantly walking on eggshells. This woman loves to pick a fight about anything, and even though you think you did everything perfectly, she will find some little detail that bothers her. Being with this type of woman is simply exhausting, and soon you will realize that you don’t have the energy to fight anymore. In time, you will turn into a ‘Yes, dear’ robot who feels like a prisoner in his own relationship. Sounds scary, right? So, avoid all the potential drama by not dating this kind of woman.

Miss Insecure

She hates her weight and feels incredibly insecure all the time, so she will need you to reassure her about, well, everything. This girl will also call you ten times a day just to make sure you still love her and write on your Facebook wall so that other girls would see that you belong to her. Unless you want to spend every second of your relationship telling her how beautiful or perfect she is, run for the hills.

Miss In Love With Her Ex

Everyone has past relationships and some amount of emotional baggage, but being with a girl who is still head over heels in love with her ex is something everyone should avoid. You will easily recognize her since her ex is her point of reference for everything. She will start talking about him during the first five minutes of your date and mention him several more times during the evening. Since she obviously has unresolved issues from her past relationship, we suggest you throw this fish back in the sea.

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