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3 Things You Should Know Before You Start Handicap Dating

Dating can sometimes be tricky and overwhelming, but dating when you are handicapped is even harder. However, there is no reason you should be discouraged. Thanks to the Internet and all those niche dating sites, handicap dating is easier than ever. You can, with just several clicks, find a bunch of people who are looking for love just as you are. Just find a site that suites your needs and start chatting. If you have no idea where to begin, here are some pointers.

Create your profile

This should take longer than just a few minutes. Take some time to create a kick ass profile. First of all, you will need a great picture. Keep in mind that dating community is large and you want to stand out from the crowd. Forget about using Instagram filters or Snapchat lenses to create your perfect photo. If you don’t have any pictures that would do, just ask a friend for help. They can take a picture of you. When you have your profile photo, it is time to fill out your biography. Tell other users who you really are and what you are looking for in just a few sentences. Remember, this part should be short and sweet. No one has time to read novels on dating sites. When you have created your profile, start chatting. Cast a wide net and chat with several people at the same time.

Positive attitude

Living in a wheelchair is not easy, but try to stay positive. Your handicap shouldn’t stand in the way of your happiness. Keep a positive attitude and look on the bright side of life. We know it sounds corny, but really give it a shot. People in the dating pool are looking for positive, charming and upbeat person. If you are gloomy all the time you won’t have any luck finding your soulmate.

Talk to your date

Be open about your condition. Talking about your handicap probably isn’t the most pleasant thing in the world, but it will help your date to understand you and your lifestyle. Answer their questions and don’t get angry with them if they try to help you when no help is needed. It will take some time until they figure out how they should act around you.

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