Date a Cougar at Least Once in Your Life

3 Reasons Why You Should Date a Cougar at Least Once in Your Life

Nowadays, cougars are presented as older women who aggressively hit on younger guys and use them as their boy toys in many movies and TV shows. However, it is often the other way around. Younger guys are extremely attracted to mature ladies because they are sexy, confident, successful and experienced. Therefore, if you want to join the cougar dating club you should know you will have a fierce competition. If, on the other hand, you are not sure whether dating a cougar is your cup of tea, there are several reasons why you should date this type of woman at least once in your life.

Age difference makes things exciting

If you have always dated girls your age, now it’s time to try something different. Unlike younger ladies, cougars have a vast life experience, they have been everywhere and done everything. Therefore, they are done with playing games and when they find what they want, they go after it. These ladies are looking for fun and energy young guys can offer, while young studs love how experienced and sophisticated these women are. So, in a way, a cougar-cub combination is a win-win.

No strings attached

When it comes to cougars, most of them are divorced ladies who want to have fun and feel alive again. Therefore, most of the time they are not looking for anything serious and don’t want to get attached to anyone. This is why these ladies are perfect for younger guys who are not ready to settle down and be in a committed relationship yet. A cougar can rock your world and teach you a thing or two about sex and life you didn’t know before and you can make her feel young and sexy again in return.

No drama

Cougars are career women who have a lot of obligations in their life and thus no time for drama. This mature woman won’t expect you to call her every day or send her messages all the time. She has a life of her own, and she doesn’t want a lovesick puppy chasing her around. Therefore, if you just want to have some good old fun with a woman who knows what she’s doing and will never act needy, we suggest you give cougar a shot.

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